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Related post: Date: virgins 12 yo Tue, 20 Mar 2001 11:58:06 +0100 From: Greg Cherry Subject: Rick & The Teens in the Woods (MMBb)If you're underage (minor) virgin sex stories in your jurisdiction - do not read this story. The facts depicted herein are pure fantasy (but what a fantasy!). No attempt should be made to emulate these acts or to engage in unsafe sex with untrusted strangers. Some of the characters in this story are under 18 years of age. The author does not condone sex with such persons. The story is merely intended for adult entertainment. (c) jeans_jock 2000. If you wanna contact me about this story and let me know what you think - further ideas, etc., teens virgin fuck you are most welcome can do so at Always like to fuck virgin woman hear from a kindred spirit!Thanks to all those horny fuckin guys who've expressed their appreciation up to now with the Rick stories - gets me virgin kid rape porn off to get you off, me hearties!This story follows on from Rick & the Teen Sex Club. RICK & russion virgins THE TEENS IN THE WOODS: GAZ virginia youth hockey AND JUSTIN LEARN LEATHER-PLEASURE (MMBb, piss, drugs)Sixteen-year-old Gaz was lying on virgin teens ru his bed, his jeans round his ankles, his tee-shirt over his head and a grease-covered cucumber up his arse, stroking his half-hard cock to erection as his mother called him. There was a 'phone call for him from "Rick", the twenty-two year-old leather stud who he'd recently introduced to his free virgin porno teen sex club."Shit," he small virgin boys naked muttered, as he withdrew the vegetable virgins private porno out of his gaping arse, wrapping it in a towel and stuffing it away in a drawer. He drew his jeans up and sorted his t-shirt, before going downstairs to take the 'phone."Hi, Rick, how ya doin'?" he said as he lifted the receiver."Great, Gaz. Just great. Listen, what are you doing right now?" asked Rick. Gaz's mind turned for a moment to the virgine pussy cucumber in his room and the semi-erect penis down the leg of his tight jeans. "Just gettin'sexed up. Why?" he replied."'Cos I'm just about to leave my place and go and meet up with that Andy guy we fucked around with a while back, the day I met you, on the parking lot, remember." Gaz certainly did remember and said so. "Well, we're meeting on the same parking lot. How d'ya fancy comin' thumbnail little virgin along?" Gaz weighed up the options: two hunky leather guys and a wild session of live sex; and the cucumber. "Pick me up" he said "but there's one thing teenies virgins - Justin's coming over in 15 minutes". "Well," said Rick, "bring him porno virgin boards along".Rick pulled up in his new 4x4, a Toyota Rav 4, half-an-hour later, and the two youngsters clambered in, Gaz in the front, Justin in the third seat in the back. Gaz was dressed for action, a pair hungarian teen virgins of skin-tight red spandex cycling shorts and an athletic vest clamping his slim, muscular, virgin raped banned pics hairless body, and a leather biker jacket slung over his shoulder. His feet were covered in thick, virgins privat porn white bootsocks and army boots and a short-peaked leather cap topped off the effect. He had to hold his jacket carefully in front of his crotch as he passed a virgin exposed naked through the hall where his mother was standing, in order to hide the fact that his free teen virgins cock, trussed up in a studded leather cock-strap and 30mm ball-stretcher was standing out like top virgin nudists gallery a rock down the leg of his cycling shorts.Justin, the young 11-year-old Rick had met at the gang-shed, had on skin-tight narrow-leg stretch jeans and a denim jacket. On his feet were tatty squash shoes. He looked a little virgin ass nervous as he stepped in the 4x4. "Who's this guy youth atv sales virginia Andy?" he asked. "A stud Gaz and me met a couple of weeks back on a parking lot off the freeway. He's 21, punk, very horny and loves to get fucked. Oh, and he's got tit rings," Rick replied. As they sped up the road, Gaz explained what tit rings were. Justin kiddy sex virgin was mesmerised.It didn't take long to get to the parking area. Rick himself was wearing his chaps over a pair of blindingly white, tight jeans. Before leaving the car, he shucked off his tee-shirt and donned his biker jacket over his naked torso. Gaz and Justin teens 16 virgin watched this quick change with saliva dripping from their mouths, both their young cocks straining against the material of their clothes, a decidedly wet patch having formed on the denim round the end of Justin's prick.They took the same path as before, and after a minute located Andy, who was in a quite teen virgin sex tgp and totally secluded copse. There was no one else to be seen.The teenagers gasped when they saw Andy. The tall, slim 21-year-old was naked except for a pair of black leather ring-sided boots that reached up to just free virgin pussy gallery below his knees. He had a black skull cap on his head and a studded collar round his neck. Similarly, round his waist was a three-row studded belt and between his tit rings was slung a heavy chain.His stiff cock jutted out, clamped as it was in 5 cock-rings. After general introductions 1st time sex virgin all round, Andy russian virgin girls pic went virgin girls boys over first to Gaz, and started to rub himself up against the russian virgins nude young 16-yr-old. Gaz went common immediately. He responded to Andy's gently thrusting motions and rubbed his own sylph-like body up and down against the punk stud's. He licked the ends of his thumbs and gently rubbed the ends of Andy's tits in a circular motion. Andy threw his head back, "Oh, yeah, fucker. That asian west virginia sex is great. You're sexing me up real good here. How about I suck your dick a little." Gaz gave a husky virgin russia porno grunt of assent, and Andy dropped to his knees. Gaz stood with his legs apart , bent his knees slightly and lowered the waistband of his shorts to reveal his throbbing cock. Even sex with virgins cum Andy was a little surprised at the ball-stretcher, but immediately opened his mouth wide and took Gaz's entire 9" straight into his throat. He clamped his lips round the base of the cock and started to move his lips along the throbbing manshaft.Rick had moved in behind Justin and gently placed his arms round the lad, slowly unbuttoning his jeans, as the two of them looked on at the live male sex action evolving virgin cunts before their eyes. "You want him to suck your cock too, Justin," Rick whispered. Justin replied, "Yeah." Gingerly, Rick hauled the kid's hairless cock out of his jeans, and lifted the boy's tee-shirt until his head was through it, but it rested on his shoulders. The skin-tight jeans were still packed tight against the kid's arse and Rick, with his left hand, started to knead his cheeks, as his right hand slowly virgin child sex wanked Justin's cock to full erection. The boy started to gasp, and Rick slowed down, in case the boy came. The fun was just beginning, and, Rick had decided, Justin was going to get full free porno virgin his first fuck that afternoon - maybe even his second and third as well.Gaz started gently to thrust back against Andy's sucking motions. tiny little russian virgins Gently and slowly. He'd already got pretty sexed up that afternoon with the erotic virgin photo cucumber and, although he could come three or four times in a session, he wanted to hold this one as long as possible. As Justin, edged in, his fly wide open and his young cock sticking out from his groin, drooping wonderfully slightly downward, Andy turned his attention to it, taking it softly into his expert mouth. Gaz moved in behind Andy and continued fondling his tits, playing his cock on Andy's close-copped hair. The young Andy was physical perfection itself - neatly honed muscles, perfect, lightly-tanned skin and a model's face. He closed his virgin nude pics eyes in delirium as he took Justin's cock all the way down his throat, gagging a virgins girls sex movies little as he held it there, hairless virgin feeling its warm, youthful ardour edging deep into his neck. The young Justin was gob-smacked at the heavy steel chain that hung from the 21-year-old's ttits as he bobbed against the base of the boy's cock. Rick took a can of Crisco out of the small bag of tricks he had brought virgins girls and then began to edge Justin's taut jeans over his delicious, hairless buns. He shoved the kid's jeans down over his kness and to his ankles and then knelt behind the 11-yr-old. He edged his fingers into the crack of the boy's arse and gently spread the cheeks to reveal his tight, hairless little hole. It puckered slightly as Justin thrust his boydick into Andy's throat, and Rick reached forward with his tongue free little virgins trailers to lick the kid's boyhole. He spat on the hole and slowly licked around it, after a minute or two probing gently with his tongue into the ass itself. "Oh, shit," Justin moaned. I think I'm gonna come soon!"Andy stopped sucking at that and Rick delved his tongue past the sphincter and into the boy's ass. Justin squirmed and pushed back onto Rick's expert tonguing. Andy and Gaz watched, slowly wanking their cocks, as Rick gave Justin a real expert tongue-job, loosening the kid up for what would inevitably follow. Gaz held a phial of poppers amateur virginia under Justin's nose, just a whiff to get him started, and he immediately started writhing even more excitedly on Rick's face. Rick got up and ordered Justin to strip his jeans off. The hymen pictures virgin naked kid kicked off his sneakers virgin girls nude and jeans, just keeping his denim jacket on, with his tee-shirt over his neck.Gaz stripped his vest off and shuck off his cycling shorts to stand naked before the group, just wearing his cap and his boots. Rick lay on his back, his leather jacket falling open to reveal his broad, muscular chest. He ordered Justin to sit on his face, and the boy crouched over Rick, whose tongue quickly found his ass-hole again. Gaz knelt at Rick's cock and started sucking his proud 11" member to full erection, the tight cock ring round its base forcing the veins to stand virgin island beach out like bark on a tree. Andy moved over to the crouching Justin and waved his cock in front of the boy's face. Justin needed no further prompting and greedily took little virgins girls the engorged dick in his boymouth. The four guys were now totally sexed up and a fuck was imminent. Andy's cock was thrusting into Justin's mouth, stretching the kid's gob as far as it would go. Gaz was doing an expert job on Rick's cock taking little virgin girls fuck it deep into his adolescent throat, like a real expert. And naked virgins undressing Rick by now was totally tongue-fucking the 11-yr-old's ass. Suddenly, Gaz rose and hauled Justin to his feet. He lay the 16yr virgin pics youngster gently on his back, as Andy and Rick looked on."I want Justin first," he said. "Yeah," retorted virgin baby 100 nude Justin, "stick your fat cock in my arse, fucker. But then I want you guys too," he added.Gaz raised Justin's feet in the air to expose his puckered ass-hole and positioned his dark cockhead in front of Justin's hole. Rick took a handful of Crisco and spread it liberally over Justin's arse and Gaz's dick. Then Gaz inclined himself forward an inch or two and edged his thick penis into the younger lad's rectum. The two of them snorted on the poppers and, after a few grimaces from Justin, his eyes opened wide, from the pleasure of the burning sensation at his butt. "Okay, Gaz, pound her in". Gaz's face assumed a grim, determined, animal expression. His eyes said he didn't care about the piece of meat under him, all that mattered were his churning animal lusts. His fucking became more and more frenzied. Rick reached his greased hand round to Gaz's balls and ass, and started playing with them. Gaz closed his eyes in delirium and he whispered "Yeah, get a finger up there." Rick complied and Gaz let out a grunt. "Oh, fuck, you're bringing me on, I can feel the juice. Give me more poppers." Andy held the bottle under Gaz's nose, and he gave virgin kid xxx one last thrust into Justin's ass. "Oh, yeah, here russian teen virginz it cums, and his young body shuddered as he shot his pent-up jism deep into Justin's gut.Andy and Rick's mouths virgin forced were dry at the sight of the two teenagers engaging in such hard, manly sex together. Justin was like a little pro, and Gaz fucked like an expert, his tight, muscular ass slowly rising and falling as he squeezed the last after-shots of orgasm, his booted legs spread wide and this leather-capped head drooped in post-cum relaxation. He pulled back on his haunches, leaving Justin's hole gaping and cum trails over the boy's ass."Boy, what a great fuck," gasped Justin, "better than any dildo any day." Andy, whose cock was ready to burst by now, growled at him, "How about two at free virgin fucked pic the same time fucker?" Justin didn't nasty virgin free pics need to reply. His eyes said it all.After a couple of cigarettes and a reefer to loosen virgins ukranian free the boys up, Andy hauled Justin up and took a short cord, with which he bound the youngster's wrists. At this, Gaz's cock started to virgins russia nude stiffen again and he glanced at Rick who gave a sign not to worry. Andy walked Justin over to a tree and tied the other end of the rope to a sturdy branch over Justin's head. Rick understood what was to happen and positioned himself behind Justin, with Andy facing him.Rick still had on his russians virgins nude tite jeans and chaps- he like the feel of the rough denim against his ass-crack as virgins free movies film he fucked another guy. Andy had gently rubbed a few crystals of speed into Justin's anus, and kneeled to gently tongue it into the boy's hole, which now started to drip with Gaz's watery cum. After some time, the kid's muscles distended so that Andy could insert two, freee little virgins then three, and the four greased little naked virgins fingers up the lad's fuck chute."He's ready," Andy nodded to Rick, and gave Justin a good snort of poppers. He then lifted the boy's legs, till his lowest body part was his ass. It was perfectly exposed for both the young studs to access the arse. Andy rammed his hard cock into Justin who gasped, and then realised that there was no hurt at all - just pure fuck pleasure - the pleasure of Teen virgins first time being taken in a steel-like vice by a hard, chiseled stud who was getting off on this young kid's'corrupt depravity as much as the physical pleasuire of encasing his dick in a smooth young arse. Justin started murmuring with pleasure. Rick too moved in and Andy stopped to allow Rick to virgins desnudas force his well-greased manhood between Andy's thick penis and the wall of Justin's sphincter. Gradually it edged in and Rick could feel the throbbing of teen maiden virgin the ass-hole as it gaped to accommodate the two studs, and Andy's own sliding, thrusting motions against his own cock. Gaz stood at the side, wanking his own cock and deep-throat kissing Justin, who responded like a bets virgins pent-up tiger.The two leather studs started fucking Justin like a piece of hanging meat, and JUSTIN WAS IN DELIRIUM: An 11-yr-old kid, whose contemporaries hardly knew what their dick was for, was hanging from a tree getting double-fucked by two horny, scantily-clad leather studs, whilst his 16-year-old teenage buddy was wanking off at the sight.Rick and Andy amateur virgin pussy fucked like legal nude teen virgins professionals, Andy spreading the youngster's black virgin mountain ass cheeks to 13 virgins accommodate the two monster dicks that were pounding the boy's shitter, and Rick working the lad's nubile tits and feeding him double-strength poppers, russian virgin pics nudes nose and mouth. Gaz kept wanking tiny virgin cunt on his teen cock and reached out with his other hand to play gently on the heavy chain slung between Andy's tit rings - Andy hissed with the increased buzz that the gentle pulling sent to the end of virgin naked free galleries his ass-encased dickhead.Soon the two hard-bodied leather fuckers felt their cum arising. Rick was first to let rip, sending bullets of cum juice new virgins gallery deep up into Justin's virgin boycunt, smothering both the boy's innards and Andy's cock with his come. Feeling Rick's pulsations and Gaz's increased swinging on this tit-chain turned Andy on even more, so that he, too, let rip with wads of thick cum, that pumped incessantly into the kid's gut.Justin was ecstatic, and his own cock was at bursting point as Andy let him down. Gaz went totally common and, as Justin stood rubbing his wrists, he spread the kid's legs and dived for his anus and started licking up the joint cum of Rick and Andy, that oozed out of the loose sphincter. He sucked at the ass-hole, and the mingled seed was vacuumed out into Gaz's throat. Meanwhile, Rick deep throat French kissed the 11-year-old, and slowly wanked the kid's stiff little cock in his hard hand. Eventually, greedy for more boy-cum little asian virgins in his throat, Gaz whisked Justin round amd grabbed the base of his cock, positioning real virgins tiny teens his gaping mouth a centimetre from the end of Justin's engorged dick. Rick's slab of cock meat nestled between Justin's cheeks and against his throbbing anal ring - it only took a couple of wanking motions of his cock and Justin let out a gasp, "Oh, yeah, it's there, let it flow..." and a long, curving shot of cum was ejected from his cock into Gaz's mouth. Gaz dived onto the cock and then quickly pulled it out again, just in time for the second salvo, which also landed on Gaz's doggy door custom virginia outstretched tongue. A third shot followed, a fourth, and fifth. Justin's pent-up cum just flowed out in huge gushes, all spattering Gaz's face and mouth.Andy then knelt behind Gaz and jammed his half-erect cock into Gaz's ass. "How about some piss-games?" he asked and started to force his full bladder's contents up into Gaz's anus. Gaz could feel the warm piss filling his rectum and he called for more. "Shit, fill me up, stud, piss my ass full!!" under16 virgin porno Rick sex virgin ilegal went round to his mouth and he, too, started to piss over the youngster's face and chest. Gaz opened his mouth to take the onslaught in his mouth and slake away the acrid petite teen virgins taste of the cum that coated his mouth. Rick and Andy smiled at one another, as they forced their ass-cheecks together and emptied their bladders in the slutty teenager's body. Gaz was so hard turned on, taking a break from Rick to snort the poppers, that his heavy tiny virgin kiddy erection came back to full, hard mast, hanging lecherously from his loins, weighed down by the ball-stretcher, the veins standing out with the tight stap round his cock. virgin angel teen At that, Justin saw a chance for himself to get some boy-come in his throat and he crouched down to take Gaz's cock in his mouth. The virgins defloration mpgs piss squelched virgins child nude out of Gaz's arse as Andy filled it to overflowing, his cock gradually getting nude russian virgin harder and harder as he came back to full erection. Rick was also hard again, and, as his piss abated he bent his knees slightly and wanked his cock furiously in front russian jewelry in virginia of Gaz's face.Andy was pumping the boy's ass, his thick rod sliding into Gaz's distended, piss-filled cunt hole, Rick was wanking his superb manhood in front of his face and Justin was working his cock like a pro, deepthroating the horny teenanger's fuckstick - the ballstreatcher banging his chin as virgin girls for free he did so. After a few seconds, Andy felt his juice rising again. "Here it cock becky virgin pussy comes, kid, I'm gonna shoot my wad into your shocking virgin russian gut." It felt little virgins nu so good to be letting his cum rip inside the young stud's ass, after just having screwed his buddy. Andy relished the sight of the two young corrupted adolescents in front of him, enjoying good hard male sex illegal free virgin galleries the way it should be - dirty!His cum slpashed into Gaz's arse as Rick grunted and shot his second thick, gushing load into Gaz's face. virgins biz fuck He instinctively opened his mouth to catch as much as he could, and Rick jammed his cock deep into Gaz's throat, pumping the rest of his man-cum into Gaz. Gaz himself was at the point of no return and rewarded Justin's expert sucking with his second becoming a virgin again load of juice, which spurted out in salvos into Justion's greedy, slutty mouth and he avidly swallowed. Gaz still had teens innocent virgin pics Rick's cock in his mouth, and Andy uttered words of encouragement, "Yeah, kid, take that boy's cum into your mouth - swallow it all, taste it, rape virgin photo feel it, fucking eat it, man!!". Rick fired off his own shots of scum into Gaz. "Fuck," Rick thought, "the crazy slut just loves to eat my fuck juice - let's fill his fuckin' belly with it!"Gaz's face was spattered with gobs of 18 virgin sex nicole cum, and his arse best of virgin gaped, with the remnant's of Andy' piss seeping out of the hole. Justin lay exausted on his back, the sweet taste of Gaz's cum in his mouth, and he took a final whiff of the poppers as children virgin porno he furiously wanked himself to a second orgasm. His young hairless body tensed, his abs rippling under the intense filthy feeling coursing through his dick and a huge spurt of cum arced out of his throbbing cock and splatted over his chest. He was learning young, and the boys would certainly have a few more lessons for the little slut Justin in the near future ...??
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